Services - V. Seng Teaming Company
Dedicated contract trucking provides your organization with the flexibility of a private fleet without the headache that goes into running it. Seng provides equipment and drivers dedicated solely to your business for you to operate on a full-time basis as you see fit.

The time, cost and difficulty of maintaining, insuring, permitting and licensing a fleet is handled for you. This allows you to focus on your business with out being distracted by the constant and demanding challenges of fleet management. Dedicated contract trucking allows you to be flexible and accommodate seasonal spikes and/or growth without concern for keeping up with delivery demands. A dedicated fleet from Seng allows your ever-changing business needs to flow while maintaining consistent, quality transportation services.
As the cost of hiring and screening drivers has grown exponentially, driver leasing has become very popular. Operating a fleet ourselves, we understand the importance of having safe and reliable drivers.

The drivers we hire are required to have a minimum of three years of local driving experience. In addition to that, they must pass a physical examination, road-test and are subject to random drug and alcohol screenings throughout their employment. We handle the hiring, payroll, workers compensation insurance and assure that every DOT requirement is met allowing you to focus on your business. Be it a temporary replacement or long term fleet, the variable costs involved with employing drivers becomes very predictable and easy to manage.

Handling driver shortages due to spikes in volume, vacations, injuries, etc. are easily navigated through our driver leasing program. Our wide range of quality drivers will allow you to rest assured knowing that a safe, highly trained and experienced professional driver behind the wheel of your truck at a moments notice.